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Former Senator Carl Levin Returns To Detroit And Wayne State

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Image credit: Jeff Simms Flikr CC

Wayne State names a new center after former senator Carl Levin and welcome him as an educator on oversight authority.

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Center for American Progress
Jeff Simms Flikr CC
Jeff Simms Flikr CC

Levin, who will be joining the teaching staff as well, says, “If you want to lead the change, if you want to help the public have a life which is better oversight has got to be done in depth.” Levin says this is an opportunity for him to pass on his own experiences in legislative oversight and teach future legislators lessons about accountability in private, public and government activities.

These centers work together to give our students hands-on experiences while in school, working with these great icons in Michigan, to think about their place in service,” says Benson. And, she says, the new center will add another facet to their learning experience.


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