Detroit City Council Considers Giving Itself a Pay Raise

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A commission is weighing whether to give the City Council a pay raise.

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Mike Boening Photography flikr CC

The Detroit City Council wants a pay raise, but officials reviewing the request are not so sure. The Detroit Elected Official Compensation Commission will meet next week to determine if the city can afford to hand out a salary increase.

Commission Chairman Buzz Thomas says council members provided a report last week showing that they are underpaid compared to their counterparts in other big cities.

On average it appears that they may be underpaid. We’ll continue to do our due diligence though. We want to find what’s right and most specific and best for Detroit,” he says. 

Thomas says the commission wants to know if any salary changes will impact the Plan of Adjustment that allowed Detroit to emerge for bankruptcy. 

Bre'Anna Tinsley, Reporter

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