State Ed Board Blasts Governor For Taking Watchdog Role Over Schools

   Members of the State Board of Education are accusing Governor Snyder of violating Michigan’s constitution by using an executive order to change the agency in charge of monitoring poorly-performing schools.

   The Republican Governor moved the School Reform Office’s responsibility for judging kindergarten through 12 grade student progress to a state agency Snyder has direct control over.

   But State Board officials – most of them Democrats — say Michigan’s Superintendent of Schools is supposed to have that responsibility, not the Governor.

   They say other government officials do not have the necessary expertise to hold teachers and school districts accountable.

   But current State Superintendent Mike Flanagan, who is retiring this summer, says the Governor does have the authority to make the move.

   If it remains in place the move could give Snyder more leeway in placing troubled schools under state supervision.

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