Restore the ‘Moor:’ Brightmoor Seeks to Grow Neighborhood with Local Tourism

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Image credit: Neighbors Building Brightmoor

The community has put together a planning process called “Restore the ‘Moor” to fill 600 acres of vacant land.

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Neighbors Building Brightmoor

Brightmoor residents are working to improve their neighborhood through local tourism. Community members are strategizing on how public art, agriculture, and local business can incite change and economic growth through a program called “Restore the’Moor.” Brightmoor Alliance Outreach Director Joseph Rashid says the area receives about 500 visitors each month.

When you think of the Heidelberg Project, you know, that area probably gets 2,000 visitors a month, but there’s no place right in that local area to actually spend your money. So how do we create that environment where we have tourism happening, but we’re actually have places where people can actually go and spend their money.”

Rashid says part of the program’s planning process is charting out block-by-block development goals. He says he wants to spruce up Fenkell Street by the end of the year.

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