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Detroit Water Department Pursuing $20 Million from Unpaid Commercial Accounts

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Image credit: Ian Muttoo/Creative Commons

The DWSD will shut-down businesses who do not pay delinquent bills.

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Ian Muttoo/Creative Commons

The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department is ramping up efforts to collect unpaid water bills from commercial customers. Utility spokesperson Greg Eno says the department does not want to shut-off any water service, but adds that more than 2,000 businesses have delinquent accounts. He says the utility will not pursue thousands of unpaid residential bills until officials gauge whether customers are taking full advantage of a fund that helps those in poverty pay for water.

The emphasis this year, right now, is going to be on public information and awareness of how to get help, first, before we move to the next step of shutoff.”

Eno says Detroit businesses with unpaid bills owe a total of more than $20 million to the department. He says the utility is also working to identify and address properties where water is being used illegally.

Marissa Gawel, Associate News Producer

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