A Letter to You, From Detroit Today Host Stephen Henderson

An Italian poet once said that to begin, you must be bold, and venture to be wise. That’s a pretty good place to start. Bold. wise.

WDET  and Detroit Today is a new space for me - different from the newspaper I help edit or the columns I write, and different from the television shows I host. Radio is more intimate and conversational. Let’s make this a daily confab, like we’re all guests in each other’s living rooms. And I’d like to invite you to help me build this show out, together.

Let’s be bold enough to tell the truth to each other about our city, and our state. Bold enough to celebrate what’s great, but also to confront the things that hold us back. And let’s be wise in the ways we talk with one another. I promise to listen as much as I talk. And you should feel free to talk as much as you listen. This should become OUR space. 

It’s going to be a great ride, so let’s get started.

~Stephen Henderson

Image credit: Courtney Hurtt/ WDET

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