Search for the Next State Superintendent: Brian Whiston

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Image credit: Photo Courtesy of Dearborn Public Schools

Three candidates will interview for the post tomorrow. The state whittled down the field from 50 across the country.

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Photo Courtesy of Dearborn Public Schools
Photo Courtesy of Dearborn Public Schools

The State Board of Education is interviewing the final three candidates tomorrow to become the next state school Superintendent. Current Superintendent Mike Flanagan will retire from the post at the end of June. Among the candidates being considered for the position is Brian Whiston. He’s the current Superintendent of Dearborn Public Schools. He has been with the district for seven years—and before that—worked with the Oakland Schools for 11 years. He tells WDET’s J. Carlisle Larsen why he wants the job.

J. Carlisle Larsen, Producer, Detroit Today & WDET’s Morning Edition

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