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Governor Snyder Talks Road and School Funding at Education Summit

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Image credit: Michigan Municipal League / CC

Governor Snyder’s annual education summit is this week in Detroit.

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Governor Rick Snyder’s annual education summit is this week in Detroit. Jake Neher of Michigan Public Radio joins host Laura Weber-Davis to discuss the governor’s plans for schools.

Neher says he expects the governor to stress his efforts to boost skilled trades and job training programs when he delivers his statement to close the summit on Wednesday. He also says that the Governor will talk about his third grade reading initiative.

So many education groups are on the same page in Lansing right now that this is one of the biggest issues to solve. And, of course, when the governor talked about that in his State of the State speech earlier this year, that really sort of pushed the momentum,” says Neher.


Photo Credit: Michigan Municipal League / CC

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