Taylor City Council Rejects Early Retirement for Laid-off Firefighters

The Taylor City Council has rejected an early retirement request for ten firefighters who were laid off. Officials say an eight-point-one million dollar grant expired, forcing the city to make cuts. City Council Chairwoman Linda Parker-Craig says an emergency meeting that was held last week did not give the council enough time to make a decision on the retirement requests.

The city council had no opportunity to really analyze the ramifications or meet together in a study session,” says Parker-Craig. “And we felt we really weren’t prepared to make that kind of decision that quickly and voted no rather than to postpone it hoping the fireman’s union would make some further concessions.”

Craig says the Firefighter’s Union is working to resubmit the early retirement option for the ten laid-off firefighters. She says the Taylor’s City Council will review the proposal when it is ready.

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