Created Equal

Exploring the strings of inequality that run through the American experience. Each episode explores the question: How did we arrive at this moment in history?

Hosted By: Stephen Henderson

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Season Three of the podcast Created Equal explores “Writers on Race: From Ralph Ellison to Colson Whitehead,” and features some of the most important voices in literature as well as the national conversation on racial inequities.

The conversations were conducted on the radio program, Detroit Today, in the WDET studios on Wayne State University’s campus throughout the pandemic and civil unrest of 2020. Each episode consists of a conversation between Henderson and one writer exploring the role of their work in the conversation about race in America.

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Host: Stephen Henderson
Executive Producer: Joan Cherry Isabella
Producers: Jake Neher, Annamarie Sysling, Clare Brennan
Audio Engineers: Rowan Niemisto
Senior Editor and Musical Composer: Sam Beaubien
Digital Distribution: Tony Brown
Digital Editor: Meta Stange

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