Office Services Clerk

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Job Purpose

Perform a variety of routine clerical and general office duties at WDET.

Essential Functions

  • Compile, calculate and provide reports, statements or information regarding the personnel or activities of an assigned unit, e.g. summary of travel expenses, status reports of program applicants and academic examination score reports.
  • Provide typing duties of a standard and non-standard nature in support of an assigned unit of the University. Compose straight forward correspondence, type grants and manuscripts as well as routine University forms.
  • Perform receptionist duties to ensure messages and correspondence are relayed in a timely and accurate manner. Receive, direct and screen calls; take messages.
  • Perform basic bookkeeping duties requiring the use of the Financial Accounting System (FAS), internal billing systems or the General Billing System (GBS). Prepare and process billings; track requisitions and expenditures; receive and post payments.
  • Perform scheduling duties as required by assigned unit. Schedule meetings and appointments, make travel arrangements and reserve classrooms and media equipment to assist with the punctual and efficient operation of events, seminars and courses.
  • Maintain, modify and update the record of an assigned unit. Retrieve and compile information and purge files in order to provide current and accurate data.
  • Monitor and keep inventory of office supplies and forms and place orders as needed to maintain appropriate supply levels.
  • Prepare and process time reports and payroll actions. Review and correct time-sheets and exception reports to assist with the accurate and timely payment of University personnel.
  • Provide functional supervision to clerical support personnel. Assign and review work. Train in appropriate methods and procedures.
  • Perform related work as assigned.

Unique Duties

This level of Office Services Clerk involves routine work which is moderately complex in nature and which allows the position incumbent to choose the most appropriate procedure to follow in order to complete an assignment. Supervision is available to assist on work not clearly covered by standard procedures and functional supervision is typically provided to clerical support personnel. Although this classification is at the same level of a Secretary II, not enough of the traditional secretarial duties are expected of position incumbents to warrant a classification in the secretarial hierarchy. This classification is located in a School, College, Division or Center/Institute of the University and the specific work performed may vary considerably among those assigned to this classification. This classification reports to and receives work direction from a professional or management level position.  

Minimum Qualifications

  • High school graduate with some progressive clerical or secretarial experience or an equivalent combination of education and/or experience.
  • Ability to operate standard office equipment including wordprocessor, personal computer and software needed for storing, retrieving, formatting and integrating data.
  • Experience providing functional supervision or work leadership desired.
  • Good organizational skills.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with others.
  • Ability to perform basic bookkeeping duties.
  • Ability to type with speed and accuracy, including medical, legal or bilingual terminology.
  • May be required to use transcription skills.
  • Typically, incumbents have held lower level clerical and/or secretarial positions.  

Interested applicants should search 045631 on the Wayne State University jobs site.

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