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Gain the skills you need for the future at Wayne State’s public radio station, WDET 101.9 FM Detroit.

Wayne State University’s public radio station WDET is looking for mature and self-motivated interns and volunteers interested in pursuing a career in multi-media journalism, audio engineering or public media business and sales. 

WDET offers internships for credit. With opportunities ranging from field reporting and photojournalism, to social media engagement and marketing, there’s a chance for every applicant to learn useful skills. Students and volunteers must be able to commit a minimum of 20 hours a week. 

Send your resume and cover letter to, and be sure to include your intended WDET department in the subject line. 



Experience the rush of covering breaking news alongside WDET’s team of award-winning broadcast journalists. News Director Jerome Vaughn gives interns and volunteers a foundation in the basics of broadcast journalism and the opportunity to gain invaluable real-world experience. Newsroom interns scour local and national headlines, interview newsmakers, report on events, record and edit audio, take photos, create digital posts, engage readers worldwide through social media, and even produce their own feature story for WDET. Vaughn says prospective interns should be driven, self-motivated, open to learning, and ready to work hard under tight deadlines. Students and volunteers interested in journalism, communications and related areas of studies are encouraged to apply. This internship requires students to commit at least two full weekdays to the radio station every week. 

If you have specific questions or would like to know more about the WDET newsroom, you can also email News Director Jerome Vaughn at 

Detroit Today - Research and Programming Internship

Detroit Today’s interns and volunteers get a chance to peek behind the curtain and see what all goes into creating a successful live daily radio show in a major market. This internship also includes research for CuriousiD stories, WDET’s listener-inspired investigative collection of stories. WDET Program Director and Executive Producer of the show Joan Cherry Isabella says prospective interns must have strong writing skills and an interest in current events and regional news. Photojournalists are also welcome to apply and contribute digital and photographic elements to Detroit Today’s online stories. This internship allows volunteers and students to work alongside a team of producers, where they can participate in producing a live show, create web content, pitch stories, research and collect information and utilize the many components critical to a daily live radio show. Skills like time management, teamwork, online content creation, and engagement are all integral to this internship. Volunteers and students pursuing degrees in Media Arts and Studies, Political Science, Liberal Arts, and Communications are all encouraged to apply. 

Audio Production

WDET’s Production Department invites students and volunteers to apply for an internship where they will work with professional audio equipment to produce both music and news in a major market. The Production Team recommends this internship opportunity for students who are pursuing a career in audio arts and have some prior familiarity with operating a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). Since WDET interns are here to learn and gain experience above all else, audio and production skills are expected but perfection is not. Interns and volunteers will process audio using techniques including compression, equalization and conversion. They will additionally provide assistance when recording musical groups and interviews. Hard work, attention to detail and curiosity are all integral to this internship. Volunteers and students pursuing an education in an audio and production program are welcome to apply. 


Underwriting and Sales

The Underwriting Sales Department at WDET is a crucial part of the station’s identity and well-being. Interns and volunteers interested in this department should possess excellent communication skills, creativity, and knowledge of web and social media. 

Students majoring in Marketing and Sales, along with those studying Computer Science and even Mathematics are all encouraged to apply. This wide-ranging acceptance is because of the department’s wide range of responsibilities. For this reason, the possibilities of an underwriting internship are endless, as the program is tailored to the individual interests and abilities of each student or volunteer. Interns can assist in the creation of signage, email campaigns and will also analyze marketing and sales data in a fast-paced and professional setting. 


Marketing & Engagement Department

WDET’s marketing team is on the lookout for prospective interns who are ready to delve into the multi-faceted world of broadcast media marketing. An internship with the marketing team affords students the chance to explore broadcast media marketing by utilizing video, social media, photojournalism, writing for the web and event management. Students will have the chance to work with the marketing, digital, editorial and underwriting teams which will help them develop a complete view of marketing for a media company. Solid writing skills, and an interest in traditional and digital marketing are both necessary to this internship.  While familiarity with the field is a plus, it is not required. An internship with WDET’s marketing team is for the student who wants a toolbox full of broadcast media marketing skills to take with them long after the semester is over. 


WDET Internships are unpaid, but hours are flexible. WDET is located on the Wayne State University Campus at 4600 Cass Ave. 

Interested? Send your resume and cover letter to, and be sure to include your intended WDET department in the subject line.

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