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Call to Action

A 30-day sprint towards 10,000 new volunteer hours in the city of Detroit

The Call to Action is just one part of WDET's efforts to support a rational, inclusive civil society. From our studios, we observe, we report and we convene hundreds of conversations a week. The heavy gravity of need and soaring lift of possibility is an essential truth of life in this region. Detroit's path forward is not obvious, but one thing is very clear: more committed action by more individuals toward the greatest good will make a difference.

WDET's Call to Action logged 6,096 hours from 404 people in 30 days. That translates to 254 days of continuous volunteer time. Learn more about this project at

Call to Action was made for WDET with love by LOVELAND Technologies and made possible by funding from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.




Detroit Radio Information Service (DRIS)

WDET's Radio Reading Service

DRIS programming is intended for individuals who cannot see, hold or comprehend standard print. DRIS fills an information void in the blind and print-impaired population by offering a simple, cost-effective method of accessing printed and visual news and information published in hundreds of daily, weekly and monthly periodicals. DRIS broadcasts 8,760 hours of continuous audio information programming a year, helping to offset the impact of vision loss and the inability to hold or comprehend print.

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Pleasure of Sound

An independent film produced by WDET, Mikel Ellcessor, and The Work in partnership with Ghostly International

This film captures two days with Radiolab's Jad Abumrad & Ghostly's Matthew Dear as they make music and explore the creativity that fuels their work. View the full-length feature at