Framed by WDET: Beyond Balkanization

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Sept. 29, 2017 to Oct. 5, 2017
Oloman Cafe
10215 Joseph Campau Ave, Hamtramck, MI View on map

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Audio-visual stories of Balkan communities who have woven their cultural threads into the tapestry of Metro Detroit


Beyond Balkanization reveals how preserving and sharing one’s culture–be it through music, food or dance–can build bonds that transcend borders.

In this audio-visual art installation, Detroit-based storyteller Rob St. Mary and photographer Doug Coombe present voices and images of diverse immigrant groups from a crossroads in Europe who have woven their cultural threads into the tapestry of Metro Detroit.

Join us on Thursday, October 5 from 6 pm - 9:30 pm for a cultural celebration featuring Balkan food from Max’s Deli and music by members of Immigrant Suns and Macedonian folk musicians Milo Destanovski and Jessica Ruiz.

Beyond Balkanization will be on display on Friday, September 29 through October 5 at Oloman Cafe in Hamtramck.

Image credit: Taken by Doug Coombe / Framed by WDET


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