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Online Community Guidelines

101.9 WDET, Detroit’s NPR Station, aims to be the authentic voice of Detroit. To us, empowering an engaged, diverse and curious audience means creating an open dialogue with the community we serve, so we value your voice and encourage you to share your thoughts on all stories posted to our site and social channels.

In order to ensure an open and safe dialogue amongst the WDET community, we reserve the right to review and moderate all posts and comments on wdet.org and WDET social media sites.

If you have any questions, contact our digital team at digitaleditor@wdet.org.

Please keep in mind the following guidelines when posting your comments:

Be Civil: Hate speech, personal attacks or threats towards other people or communities, harassing, bullying, or name-calling in any form will absolutely not be tolerated. If it’s discriminatory, defamatory, or derogatory, it absolutely does not belong on WDET channels.

Be Clean: Profane, obscene, offensive, pornographic and otherwise offensive language is prohibited.

Be A Constructive Poster: Users who exhibit a pattern of posting argumentative, inflammatory and baiting comments that demonstrate an intent to sow discord and provoke community members will result in removal of comments and may result in being blocked and banned from posting in WDET’s online community.

Be On-Topic: Kindly keep your posts focused on the original topic of conversation. Off-topic posts, including spam, solicitations, promotions and excessive use of links to external postings, will be removed.

Be Respectful of Privacy: Do not share contact information (yours or anyone else’s) on WDET channels.

Comments that violate the above guidelines may be removed. In the event of repeat violations of our Online Community Guidelines, WDET reserves the right to restrict users from posting on WDET’s social media channels.

You are fully responsible for the content you post. WDET does not assume responsibility for the content posted by its audience, and while we do our best, we cannot fully review all user content posted on our channels.

WDET reserves the right to use your comments for other purposes, including reading comments on the air, displaying on WDET digital properties, or posting on social media channels.

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