Surge of Gun Violence in 2021 Is Down in Detroit, Police Say — But Other Crimes Have Gone Up 

Detroit’s rise in violent crime during the pandemic tapered off in some ways by the end of last year, according to the Detroit Police Department. But while homicides and non-fatal shooting are lower than they were in 2020, larceny, aggravated assault and sexual assault are up. DPD reported 309 homicides, 795 instances of rape, 1,529 robberies and 12,125 aggravated assaults, including 1,065 non-fatal shootings. All..

Detroit Voters Overwhelmingly Approve Proposal R, Which Would Create a Task Force on Reparations

Detroit voters passed Proposal R with overwhelming support. That means the city will move forward with a reparations committee to recommend housing and economic development programs to account for historical discrimination against Black Detroiters.  Reparations are a way to compensate people who have been wronged. The concept is often associated with making amends for slavery.  Detroit City Council President Pro Tem Mary Sheffield introduced the resolution..

Michigan Senate Republicans Push Through Sweeping Changes to State’s Election Laws 

The battle over how elections are run in Michigan continues.    Michigan Senate Republicans on Wednesday passed election legislation that would add further I.D. requirements for absentee ballots and prohibit the Secretary of State and clerks from mailing out unsolicited absentee ballot applications.    The bill’s wording was changed at the last minute and was not made available to the public..

Majority of Henry Ford Health System’s Workforce Complies with Vaccine Mandate

Henry Ford Health System officials say its vaccine mandate has been a success, with over 30,000 employees out of 33,000 vaccinated against COVID-19.   Around 400 people voluntarily resigned following the implementation of the mandate, with another 1,900 qualifying for religious or medical exemptions. About 250 workers were denied religious exemptions.   “Anyone who leaves because of the vaccine requirement is being classified..