Kelley Miller lies in a stretcher as a nurse watches a first responder takes her vitals

Quadriplegic woman taken to hospital after losing care due to Michigan’s auto no-fault law

The tragic consequences of Michigan’s new auto no-fault law continue to mount.  Republican leaders in the state Legislature promised to fix known problems with the law after it was passed. But they haven’t. More than 18,000 catastrophically injured Michiganders are losing necessary medical care as a result. On Sunday, Kelley Miller, a ventilator-dependent quadriplegic, lost..

Rep. Debbie Dingell Discusses Leaving Dearborn, Build Back Better and the Future of Our Democracy

After many decades of having a “Dingell” represent Dearborn, the city will have a new congressional representative. Michigan’s independent commission has officially re-written its political maps, which will soon cause a shift in political representation. “The vote we have is the fundamental foundation of our democracy and people are trying to undermine people’s confidence in that. You..

How Climate Change Shook Michiganders in 2021 — and What Things Could Look Like in the Years Ahead

Each year, the number of stories highlighting the changing climate has increased. In much of the world, there’s reason for that. This year, climate change took a particular toll in Southeast Michigan, where residents experienced one of the worst flooding seasons in its history.  “It’s a different reality, it’s a new world in a changing climate. And really what..

UAW Votes for Direct Elections

More than 140,000 of the UAW’s nearly 1 million active and retired members voted in a court-ordered referendum. The vote is one requirement of a settlement between the union and the government after a corruption scandal led to more than a dozen convictions for union leaders and auto company executives. Neil Barofsky, the monitor appointed..