Author: Vincent Craig

Avid sports fan with a knack for enjoying the support roles. I hope to become a sports or investigative reporter post graduation from the University of Michigan: Dearborn

New to Bus Riding? Here’s Help

A handful of people with the nonprofit Congress of Communities was standing on Vernor Highway in southwest Detroit. They were waiting to take the No. 49 bus, not to go anywhere in particular but to get more comfortable with public transit.   This group of organizers signed up for an outing with the Detroit Department of Transportation to learn how to ride the bus and then go back to train their members.   Congress of Communities Executive Director Maria Salinas said the group's clients could..

Pothole Damage Could Mean Money in Your Pocket

Editor's Note: This is a companion piece to a larger story about ways potholes are being addressed in the region. You can read that story -- "Got Pothole Problems?" -- here. If a pothole causes damage to your vehicle, it's sometimes possible to be repaid by the governing body responsible for maintaining the road.  Here's how: First,..