Author: Alex Trajano

Alex Trajano started his love affair with audio after buying a 4 track recorder in the 80s. Later, as owner of Thrilla Park Studios, he worked with artists such as Marcus Belgrave and Iggy Pop & The Stooges. He's won multiple awards from the Michigan Association of Broadcasters and some have called his work “The New Sound of Public Radio”. Trajano also hosts of The Moth in Detroit and the Detroit Symphony Orchestra’s, “Live From Orchestra Hall”. Currently, Alex produced the first WDET podcast, “The Beginning of the End”. 

10. The End of Obsession

Robert White and Joe Messina in Studio A at Hitsville USA. Meet Allan Slutsky One day while writing a book on rhythm and the blues, Allan Slutsky came across the Funk Brothers bassist James Jamerson. Shortly after, a twenty year obsession was born. For the next two decades, Slutsky would reintroduce the world to a group of..

09. The End of Utopia

Courtesy of the Bentley Historical Library at U-M Meet Emil Baur Emil Baur was born in Germany, but came to the states as a young man ready to do the Lord’s work. After becoming fascinated with utopian societies and transcendentalism, Baur decided to create his own swampy Michigan utopia with a group of German Methodists..

The End of The Beginning of the End

Photo Credit: Unsplash BOTE Needs Your Help. Alex has a short message for our listeners on how you can keep our show kicking it into the future. If you enjoyed our podcast this season, you can let us know with a donation. Whether that's a 5, 10 or 50 dollar donation, don't let this be the beginning..

08. The End of Pride

Photo credit: Marvin Shaouni Meet Satori Shakoor One of Detroit's most prolific artists and writers, Satori Shakoor deals with breast cancer in a way only she can - through the act of storytelling. Ghostly International Ghostly International All of the music in this episode is courtesy of the artists at this stellar organization. Ghostly International is a multi-platform..

07. The End of Dominance

Richard Wagner (left), David Lee Roth (right) Meet Wagner & Diamond Dave These two giants of music history were larger than life. They dazzled audiences with their huge personalities and bold self-expression. But, like all things at the top, their reign came to an end. And, despite being over a hundred years apart from one another, their..

06. The End of Self-Doubt

Meet Jeremy He's probably one of the world's most likeable and spirited teachers. But after five years in the field, Jeremy is wondering if he can make it any longer - and even more, if he can make a difference.   Jeremy Brock Ghostly International All the music for episode 5 is brought to you,..

05. The End of Brotherhood

Alex Trajano Meet David. At the ripe age of 17 he joined the Army without thinking twice.  But something changed his resolve. Find out what made this starry-eyed Army hopeful turn to intentionally getting himself an honorable discharge. Listen to David's story. >>       Ghostly International Meet Ghostly International. All the music for episode 5 is brought to..

03. The End of a Parent

The Right Brothers Meet Phreddy Wischusen. Henry Wischusen III His gramps is 101. Well, Phreddy wanted to know - what's it like for a son to know that his father's death is coming and how does he prepare for it? Listen to Phreddy interview his dad about the life of his grandpa, their strained relationship and..

Bonus: Letter from Him

Alex, Thank you for presenting The Beginning of the End, The Story of Him and Her, in its beautiful and touching finished form.  Hopefully listeners, whether encountering similar life experience now, in the past, or potentially in the future, will find a sense of connection, catharsis and peace with their own decisions relative to Her's and my own.  We saw..

02. The End of Him and Her

Meet Him & Her They've been together for 6 years. But after all this time, their priorities have grown apart- and it's showing. What might it mean for them to call it quits? Listen to this couple separately contemplate ending their relationship - The End of Him and Her.     Lac La Belle Meet Lac La..