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Cheyna Roth

Cheyna Roth


A former prosecuting attorney, Cheyna Roth became a journalist in 2016.

She spent several years as a state government and political reporter for the Michigan Public Radio Network. During her time at MPRN, she was a guest on popular shows such as 1A, Here and Now, and All Things Considered. She also had multiple features air on national broadcast.

In 2019, Cheyna switched to print. She is now an investigative journalist for the Grand Rapids Press.

In-between digging into what makes Grand Rapids tick, Cheyna co-hosts the weekly series and podcast, MichMash.

Her work has been featured in Broadly, Bustle, and on NPR. She’s also an adjunct professor at Aquinas College.

Her first book, Cold Cases: A True Crime Collection is scheduled for release in the summer of 2020.

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