Audio Engineer - Producer II

The Job

WDET is looking for an audio engineer producer with energy and an interest in the world of public media and audio content.

The ideal candidate will be incredibly detail-oriented as this position is the last line of defense before our listeners hear our content.  The audio engineer double checks that  every file and piece of audio is well edited, properly timed, and placed correctly in our automation system.

Interested candidates can apply through by searching posting #045825.

Questions can be sent to WDET’s Program Director, Joan Isabella, at

Essential Functions

  • Engineer, voice and produce daily underwriting announcements, spots, public service announcements and promotions.
  • Serve as an audio mix engineer for daily broadcast operations (e.g., National Public Radio and Public Radio International broadcasts) and other local and national programs.
  • Provides technical assistance to programming and news departments with regard to operating and production equipment; selects fill music, insert cuts, monitor levels, warning system and transmitter meter readings.
  • Produce and mix live music and recorded material to enhance the quality of station programming.
  • Download and transfer audio programming from satellite utilizing Digital Audio Capture System (DACS) and record programming for broadcast. Edits broadcasts utilizing Digital Audio Delivery System (ENCO).
  • Set up and record satellite/ISDN network interviews. Record and monitor material, distribute reports, program and maintain systems.
  • Generate daily broadcast logs using CBSI or similar software applications; perform other broadcast traffic management duties as required.
  • Provide functional supervision to department staff and interns; train in production and engineering procedures and usage of special digital audio delivery systems, studio and audio equipment; assign and review work.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Graduation from an accedited college or university or an equivalent combination of education and/or experience.
  • Considerable audio and production knowledge and experience, including mixing of live music and live remote broadcasts.
  • Ability to utilize specialized technical production equipment, e.g. Digital Audio Delivery System (ENCO); Satellite Capture/Receiving System (SOSS/DACS); computer terminals and application.
  • Considerable knowledge of audio studiio outboard equipment.
  • Ability to utilize CBSI or similar broadcast traffic management software applications.
  • Broad knowledge of various music genres and their instrumentation, with specialized knowledge of the differences in microphone placement and mixing them in a live music setting.
  • Ability to be flexible and adapt to ever-changing work situations.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Degree in Audio Engineering or equivalent experience/skill set.
  • Highly proficient in Pro Tools.
  • Highly proficient with outboard and in-the-box/digital studio gear (microphone types, pre amps, compression, EQ, mixing consoles, plug-ins, etc…)
  • Proficient in recording, mixing, and editing spoken word as well as bands. (Musical and non-musical recording/mixing)
  • Able to voice and produce station promos.
  • Experience in podcasting or equivalent skillset.
  • Other skills that will be useful for this position include; script writing, audio storytelling, and basic sound design. 
  • Able to edit video in Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro, as well as experience capturing video/photos. 

Apply through by searching posting #045825.

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