These three women are pushing Detroit rap to the forefront of the music industry

Writer Kahn Santori Davison joins CultureShift to discuss how they’re bringing the city’s unique sound to the rest of the world.

Three Black women pose in fashionable clothing.

Darylynn "DeDe" Mumphord, Chanel Domonique, Lauren "Lo" McGrier.

The self-proclaimed “kid who loves rap,” Kahn Santori Davison, has written about the Detroit rap scene for years. He’s covered artists from Eminem to Royce Da 5’9 and Big Sean. Throughout his career, he knew one thing to be true about the people born and raised in the city.

“We had talent, but we never had structure. We never had record labels. You know, we never really had that,” says Santori Davison.

Now, a rap community has formed in Detroit that’s beginning to see mainstream attention and it’s thriving with the help of three women.

Santori Davison wrote an article for Model D titled, “Meet 3 women shaping Detroit’s hip-hop renaissance,” highlighting Chanel Dominique, Darylynn “DeDe” Mumphord and Lauren “Lo” McGrier. These women are collectively pushing local rappers to mainstream media, getting major record deals and creating spaces for artists to grow and develop.

Chanel Dominique owns CDM Management and manages Icewear Vezzo. She is also the founder of 313 Day (March 13, or 3/13). Dominque uses 313 Day as a way to put all of Detroit rap under one roof, connecting the community.

Darylynn “DeDe” Mumphord owns Dream Agency and manages Baby Money. Mumphord is also helping to lead Detroit’s emerging fashion industry and hosted a fashion show in late March, featuring world-renowned Detroit designers.

Lauren “Lo” McGrier is the manager of El Club and owner of Connect with Lo. McGrier is creating spaces for all local artists to perform, but more importantly, a venue for rap to thrive.

Santori Davison joined CultureShift to further discuss the impact of these three women on Detroit’s rap scene and to talk about bringing the city’s unique sound to the world.

“Let’s take this talent here and let’s help grow and let’s keep what we started with. Let’s take what we have here and be sure that we can carry it on to the to the next generation of up-and-coming hip-hop.” — Kahn Santori Davison, hip-hop writer

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  • Tia Graham
    Tia Graham is a reporter and Weekend Edition Host for 101.9 WDET. She graduated from Michigan State University where she had the unique privilege of covering former President Barack Obama and his trip to Lansing in 2014.