Democrat Carl Marlinga discusses why he is running for Congress

Marlinga identifies representation, choice and inflation as the most important issues facing the 10th District.

Carl Marlinga

Michigan’s 10th Congressional District race is one of the most competitive races in the state. Democrat Carl Marlinga faces Republican John James in the race for the newly drawn district, which includes portions of Macomb County and Oakland County.

Marlinga points to his deep ties to the area in support of his candidacy — living in Macomb County for his entire adult life.

“Unlike other offices, this is called the House of Representatives — meaning that you are a representative of your community that you take some person from the community and that person represents the community is the voice for the neighbors in the community,” says Marlinga. “And in this election, for some reason that I can’t understand, John James doesn’t live in the district, but he has chosen not to move into the district.”

He further points to the January 6th insurrection at the Capitol as a pivotal moment in his decision to run for the seat.

“We need people in the Congress to make sure that the Constitution is respected that the elections are done right.” — Carl Marlinga, Democratic candidate for Congress

Listen: Why Carl Marlinga thinks he’s the best choice for the 10th District.



Carl Marlinga is a former Macomb County judge who is running in the 10th Congressional District as a Democrat. He says Congress can help reduce inflation, in both the short term and long term, by developing alternative energy and standing up to foreign oil producing countries.

“We have to stand up to these international thieves and say, no more, we are not going to be held hostage to your price hikes, which means that we have to seriously develop alternative energy,” says Marlinga.

“The OPEC nations — Russia and Iran and Saudi Arabia — they have to know that we are deadly serious about doing this. That this commitment isn’t half-hearted. And if they know that, then market forces will take effect because they will realize it’s in their own best interest not to play hardball with us because we’re going to be playing hardball with them.”

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