1UPdate: Getting through the ‘dead period’

As video game companies prepare for the holidays, we talk about labor issues, politics and cancelled projects.

Photo credit: Sebastian DC/Unsplash.

The gaming world is massive and all-encompassing. There’s always something going on, except for right now.

Right now, it is particularly quiet. It’s almost too quiet, considering how much is usually happening in the gaming space. But this is actually a period of time that I’m well acquainted with, hosting the first nationally syndicated radio show for video games.

It’s known as the “dead period,” and it lasts from the end of September all the way through the end of November, where video game companies hold off on most of their promotion until the holidays.

Additionally, last weekend was TwitchCon in San Diego, so all the prominent streamers were either on a plane or in a hotel. Overall, a lot of the video game and streamer world was highly disrupted last week, but there is still stuff to talk about.

In this segment:

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