Michigan Primary 2022 Candidate Guide: Macomb County Board of Commissioners

Get to know the candidates running for the Macomb County Board of Commissioners.

Michigan Primary Election Candidate Guide 2022

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Editor’s note: WDET distributed candidate surveys to candidates in contested primary races. See a list below of all the candidates for county offices below and read some of the platforms and bios of candidates who responded to our survey requests.

Responses have been edited for length and clarity. This post will be updated as candidates submit their responses. Opinions are the candidates’ own.

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County Commissioner – 1st District (One 2-year term)

Michael E. LaBuhn, Democrat

Don Brown, Republican

County Commissioner – 2nd District (One 2-year term)

Kurt S. Kramer, Democrat

Michelle Merriwether, Democrat

Phil Kraft, Republican

Walter Sierengowski, Republican

County Commissioner – 3rd District (One 2-year term)

Ken Reid, Democrat

Occupation:Retired public school educator

Education: Associate of Arts-Macomb Community College, Bachelor of Science-Western Michigan University, Master of Education-Wayne State University, Juris Doctor-University of Detroit

Previously elected offices: I have held the elected positions of local union president (Macomb Intermediate Federation of Teachers), vice president for statewide union (AFT-Michigan), recording secretary for a local sportsmen’s club (Detroit Sportsmen’s Congress) and parish council facilitator (St. Elizabeth Ann Seton-Troy). I have not held an elected position in local, county or statewide government elections.

Goals if elected: Recruiting and maintaining high quality jobs in the county is and always will be a main goal. Accessibility to county services for our aging population and veteran population needs to be reviewed and updated where necessary. Pollution control of our natural resources. Alternatives to incarceration must be addressed.

Jeff Farrington, Republican

Grant G. Golasa, Republican

Sylvia Grot, Republican

County Commissioner – 4th District (One 2-year term)

Gary E. Cynowa, Democrat

Age: 74

Current job: Retired, former L’Anse Creuse Public Schools teacher from 1968-2004

Education: Utica H.S. Diploma in 1965, Oakland University B.A. in Education with Majors in Spanish and Social Studies in 1968, Wayne State University M.A./Ed. in Foreign Language Education in 1972

Tell us about yourself: Resident of Macomb County for 73 years and Macomb Township for 44 years. Married to C Gloria Cynowa for 54 years. Father of three, grandfather of Six, great-grandfather of one, foster father to two dozen children through Oakland Family Services where his wife once worked. Member of First Presbyterian Church in Mt. Clemens. Served as deacon and elder. Currently active in programs to nourish needy people by preparing and serving through Blessings in a Backpack, Feed the Hungry and Salvation Army. Active Board of Directors member of Friends of Macomb Township. Community Foundation as its secretary, chair of its scholarship committee and a community volunteer for Halloween Trunk or Treat and Run the Plank.

Why are you running for the Board of Commissioners? I want to be able to contribute more to the community and county in which I have lived for so long. I want to increase county services in essential areas. I have a good knowledge of how government can work for the good of the communities it serves. I have had experience with balancing budgets, negotiating contracts and serving as president of some 5,000 school employee union members in 16 school districts for nine years.

What are the top three priority issues that Macomb County faces and what actions would you, as commissioner, take regarding each of them? 

  1. Examine and help to carefully reprioritize the budget to focus on our essential services and securing the work force we need that is skilled enough to perform its work on an excellent service basis for our citizens. I would actively pursue additional grants from state, federal ,and private sources along with making wise use of the current tax dollars produced in the county. I would also encourage more work with our cities and townships and the tri-country area in joint partnerships for services and infrastructure.
  2. Prioritize water and sewage systems to provide adequate clean and safe water, control pollution and address flooding and old infrastructure repairs and replacement. Roads currently have a state and federal tax for repair and replacement, but our water systems currently rely on water and sewer rates paid by the consumer and occasional grants for certain water infrastructure problems like lead pipes. Water is essential for life and attracting business and is a necessary priority.
  3. Mental health is a growing problem in Macomb County and throughout the United States. Our recent bouts with the COVID-19 pandemic, gun violence in some schools and public places, and added economic stress exacerbated by personal issues, PTSD, alcohol and drug abuse have caused much of this problem. Mental health needs to be looked at a s part of a complete health concern, not by itself as its impact affects people in multiple ways. I would prioritize continued work with the state and county to integrate these services, along with current individual and group health insurance  plans to facilitate complete medical service to those who need them.

Joe Sabatini, Republican

County Commissioner – 5th District (One 2-year term)

Robert Mijac, Democrat

Pashko Ujkic, Democrat

Gary Lusk, Republican

Age: 64

Occupation: Sales and marketing contract consultant

Education: Attended Macomb and Oakland community college

Tell us about yourself in 200 words or less: I am a sales and marketing contract consultant helping small and medium businesses to grow and prosper. Previously related to my political background, I was appointed by the Sterling Heights City Council to serve a term. During this time I got to know the city budget and how municipalities run and where the weaknesses can be. I would strongly recommend to the other commissioners that we have more accountability for the budget to support our residents.

Why are you running for the Board of Commissioners? I spent the last 30 years supporting local business to grow and thrive. I dedicated over $300 per year supporting local charities. I know how to manage budget and I know how to make things happen. I’ve worked for myself and contracted out these services which means I could lose my job any day for the till and have continued to be able to prosper in support and raise my family.

What are the top priority issues that Macomb County faces and what actions would you, as commissioner, take regarding each of them?

Accountability of the budget to support the residents.

Establish Macomb county as the county to raise a family.

Jackie Ryan, Republican

Don VanSyckel, Republican

County Commissioner – 6th District (One 2-year term)

Carole Chi, Democrat

Eric Briskey, Republican

Joseph V. Romano, Republican

Age: 80

Education: Macomb Community College

Tell us about yourself in 200 words or less: Six years in the military as a medical corpsman. Appointed by the Sterling Heights City Council to the Board Of Review, Zoning Board of Appeals and the Board of Tax Review. Elected and served 20 years on the Sterling Heights City Council. Currently elected and serving toward my sixth year as a county commissioner. I personally chair Records and Public Safety commission.

Why are you running for the Board of Commissioners? I am running because I would like to finish some of the things that are still in my agenda.

What are the top priority issues that Macomb County faces and what actions would you, as commissioner, take regarding each of them?

  1. Making sure that police in public safety are funded properly.
  2. Continued inspections and repairs of our infrastructure, which is way overdue.
  3. Working with our local judges to make sure criminals are prosecuted and stay in jail instead of early releases.

County Commissioner – 7th District (One 2-year term)

Cheryl R. Cannon, Republican

Leo J. Melise, Republican

Age: 65

Education: Associate’s degree from Macomb Community College in criminal justice, bachelor’s degree from Baker College in business leadership

Occupation: Retired from Clinton Township Police Department after 25 years of service in the rank of detective. State of Michigan District Court Officer for the 41-B district Court, which includes Clinton Township, Mount Clemens and Harrison Township.

Tell us about yourself in 200 words or less: I am married and have one awesome daughter. I have lived in Macomb County for over 55 years and proud to call it my home and I have served the public for over 38 years and I want to continue serving the people in Macomb County.

What are the top priority issues that Macomb County faces and what actions would you, as commissioner, take regarding each of them?

I feel the county commissioners have to work together to get a fair and balanced budget that includes making our roads better, provide services to the veterans, seniors and those struggling with mental health. As a commissioner I will make sure we are using our money wisely and transparently.

I know my experience in law enforcement has taught me to look at both sides of a situation or problem before jumping to conclusions and especially to use common sense! I feel blessed to have had a career where I was able to help so many people and serve the public. I will continue to serve the public as a county commissioner. My experience as a community volunteer has taught me the importance of working with people and having community involvement.

I will bring these traits to the position of county commissioner.

James M. Perna, Republican

Occupation: Retired

Education: St Joseph High School, Lawrence Tech

Tell us about yourself in 200 words or less: Married to Deborah, three daughters, six grandchildren, one great grandchild, resident of Macomb County for 35 years, 42 years private sector businessman, previous Macomb County Commissioner 8 years plus, veteran, involved with several charities, board member for Huron Academy charter school, member of St Thecla Church. As a previous County Commissioner and chair of Finance Committee not to my 42 years in the private sector I will bring the experience needed to manage various budgets. My private sector experience provides the skills necessary to work with all people,listen,understand their needs,problems,concerns,and develop possible solutions. My experience as a CEO taught me negotiation skills.

Why are you running for the Board of Commissioners? I love Macomb County. It’s been my home for several years. I want our Townships to prosper so that we have the jobs we need to support our families. I want to see safe streets and strong schools. I strongly support our veterans and senior citizens. I have the experience in government and the private sector needed to get the job done. As county commissioner these will be my priorities.

What are the top three priority issues that Macomb County faces and what actions would you, as commissioner, take regarding each of them? Jail improvements, not to mention no tax increases. We need more bipartisanship cooperation to accomplish goals of county and taxpayers. Improve infrastructure for more development, which will increase tax revenue. Improve seniors and veterans programs. Continue to keep our water and beaches safe.

County Commissioner – 8th District (One 2-year term)

Pamela David, Democrat

Jason M. Davidson, Democrat

Macomb County Commission Candidate Jason DavidsonAge: 43

Current job: Territory Account Manager/Procurement Specialist

Education: Bachelor’s of Business Administration – Finance from Walsh College

Tell us about yourself in 200 words or less: I grew up in Macomb County, owned my home since 2003, married (Kary), earned my college degree by working full-time, plus part-time jobs to pay for it, and have served our community in multiple capacities.  I have served my School Board (19 years), Conservation Committee, and various charity/nonprofits, including St. Baldrick’s, Meals-on-Wheels, City Sneakers and Detroit Free Press Marathon. During my professional career, I held various roles with oversight of Finance, Business Operations, Marketing, Accounting, HR and IT, as well as business development which all provides a strong foundation to allow me to fulfill my duties as County Commissioner.  I worked for and owned a small business, helping lead the growth of the company and jobs. As an active runner and cyclist, I know the importance of trails and safe connections for non-motorized transportation is for many aspects of our community, and while this has been improved in recent years, there is lack of central planning between the communities.  Our families deserve better, and I want to see this improved overall.  

Why are you running for the Board of Commissioners? I look to serve our district with the same vigor that I serve my community for over 19 years.  I want to ensure that the commission is providing proper oversight (checks & balances) and other departments, including the executive branch, as they should be to ensure that we are following the charter and utilizing resources in the most responsible manner.  We won’t always agree, but I expect all parties to conduct themselves in a professional, respectful manner, and that is something we are not seeing enough of within our county.  

What are the top 3 priority issues that Macomb County faces and what actions would you, as commissioner, take regarding each of them?

  1. Talent Shortage – We need to bridge the gap between schools and employers, which is critical to addressing the growing employment talent shortage (talent flight) in this county, which will impact property values, employment opportunities, quality of life, and business growth if left unchecked. I will utilize my 19 years of experience in education, and 20 years of experience in business to actively contribute to building strong connections with stakeholders and students.
  2. County Employment Disparity – I believe there is an employment disparity within the county government (HR) that allows for politics to overshadow qualified and quality candidates, which ultimately drives talent to other communities which is part of the reason Macomb struggles to compete with Oakland, Wayne and other counties.  I will request review and audits of current hiring practices to ensure accountability, fairness, and an unbiased selection process.  
  3. Road Funds – We know all know there has been a road funding issue for a long-time, but I also see that funds are not distributed with equity in this county.  We often see projects that are implemented without long-term planning to maintain and sustain those projects.  I’ll fight to ensure that our district gets its fair share of county resources.  

Antoinette Wallace, Democrat

Age: 42

Current job: County Commissioner/Realtor

Education: Bachelor of Science in Advertising

Tell us about yourself in 200 words or less: Over the years I have worked hard with other community leaders to help in improving our community and outcomes for our youth. I am seeking re-election for county commissioner to represent the new District 8 and to keep working for the people.

In my first term I have been able to question other departments about contracts the county holds, making sure we are being fair in who we hire. I have worked with local school districts and school-aged youth to see how the county could assist them or how the community and profit or nonprofit business could help them grow. I have been a cheerleader for our small business by promoting them, educating them on grants available and continuing to by from small businesses. I have also been an advocate for mental health in this county and joined the Macomb County mental health board.

Why are you running again for county commissioner and why should voters re-elect you?
In this term I want to:

  • Work more with our unions to see how I can be a voice for them
  • Continue to ensure small businesses are given a chance to partner with the County and educate them on grants and other opportunities they may not know about
  • Continue to serve our schools, our youth and our seniors to give them more of a partnership with the County and resources they need

District 8 is a district where many of our residents feel unseen with no voice. I believe the improvement of this district is important for our entire County. I am here to use this platform to bring light to these issues and so many more.

What are your accomplishments as county commissioner? I have been a cheerleader for our small business by promoting them, educating them on grants available and continuing to by from small businesses. I have also been an advocate for mental health in this county and joined the macomb County mental health board.

What are the top 3 priority issues that Macomb County faces and what actions would you, as commissioner, take regarding each of them?

  1. Continue to repair and rebuild our infrastructure above ground and water infrastructure. As commissioner I need to be more involved in what is going on and how we are building in our county. This is easy to do as commissioners are always welcome to be a part of infrastructure repairs and building.
  2. Continue to advocate for small businesses. I will do this by continuing to connect our small businesses with opportunities to work with the county and make them aware of grant opportunities out there for them.
  3. Be an advocate for our seniors. As the COVID relief funds dwindle our seniors will still need assistance that they had during COVID. In this case I will work with the county to find the needed resources for our seniors that our county has to offer. Many resources our community just do not know are available so I will be an advocate for them in this case.

Matt Wojcik, Democrat

Macomb County Board of Commissioners Candidate Matt WojcikAge: 51

Current job: HR, Payroll and Benefits for a nonprofit in Detroit

Education: BA-Communications, Oakland University

Tell us about yourself in 200 words or less: My degree in communications, 20-year background in finance working as a union member for a Macomb County municipality, working for major nonprofit service organizations in Metro Detroit and a 48-year resident of Macomb County give me the ideal background to serve as an elected official on the Board of Commissioners. Growing up and currently living in Central Macomb County most all of my life, all while being involved with local government and keeping up to date and abreast of local issues and challenges facing our county make me the best choice to be the next county commissioner for District 8.

Why are you running for Board of Commissioners? Water quality and environmental concerns (Clinton River and Lake St. Clair), infrastructure, jobs and pay, higher education, social services, county jail future. I would support the work of the Department of Public Works and the Road Commission, investigate factors to support our workforce in the county, promote the expansion of Macomb Community College to a 4 year University, support and expand our existing social services within the county framework and work with Macomb County Sheriff on the issues facing the current jail facility. Also look to expand mass transit opportunities and promote county tourism and update the bike trail network within the county. I would also support term limits for the Board and the County Executive.

What are the top 3 priority issues that Macomb County faces and what actions would you, as commissioner, take regarding each of them? 

  1. Roads, infrastructure and transportation issues
  2. Environment
  3. Jobs and Education

Lisa Valerio-Nowc, Republican

County Commissioner – 9th District (One 2-year term)

Dana Camphous-Peterson, Democrat

Macomb County Commission Candidate Dana Camphous-PetersonAge: 59

Current Job: Macomb Family YMCA – Revitalize and Thrive Campaign Coordinator

Education: L’Anse Creuse Schools, Kings College, Cottey College, Southeast Missouri State University, Northwood University

Tell us about yourself: I was appointed to the Macomb County Commission in 2006, elected for two additional terms (four years). I was born and raised in Harrison Township. I went away to college, but returned home to raise my family and to further my involvement in the community. I am the co-founder of Care House in Macomb County. Care House provides cost-free services to children who are victims of sexual and physical abuse and their families. Family values are important to me. One of the most important lessons I learned from my parents is “you get what you give in life.” This simple but valuable principle has served as a guide in my personal and professional life. I have established myself as a no-nonsense, hard-working leader. I put people first and I am not afraid to try new approaches for problem solving. You can count on me to have an unwavering commitment to providing the best for Macomb County residents.

Why are you running for the Board of Commissioners? I am running for county commissioner to help make a difference. In all these years, I have never changed my phone number or email address. Today, I still receive calls for help from my past constituents and their friends. I believe that our county offers the best quality of life. Macomb County has a great balance of attributes, which draw people with diverse interests. I am committed to doing everything possible to maintain the high quality of life and to improve the excellent services that residents expect and deserve.

What are the top 3 priority issues that Macomb County faces and what actions would you, as commissioner, take regarding each of them?

Top Priorities:

Issue: Advocating for transparency in county government.
Action: I would work with other local officials to watch the bottom line.

Issue: Repairing, maintaining roads and local water quality.
Action: Working with our elected officials across party lines is a must.

Working with our colleagues in Lansing is important to help secure the funding needed for our projects.

Issue: Expanding Senior, Veteran, Mental Health Services.
Action: I would:

Help to bring back programs like grandparents raising grandchildren.
Assist Veterans and their families to get the services they deserve.
Work with our representatives in the House and Senate to further funding for mental health.
Expand the court to include a mental health court.

As a past county elected official and worker, I know firsthand the problems local government face due to revenue sharing cuts. I will work to make sure we provide services to help families!

Shannon Peltier, Republican

Linda Burns Torp, Republican

Barbara Zinner, Republican

Age: 70

Current job: Macomb County Commissioner District 10. 

Education: Shaperio School of Nursing, licensed practical nurse – 47 years, Macomb County Community College

Tell us about yourself in 200 words or less: I am a lifelong Macomb County resident. My husband of 43 years and I raised our three daughters here as well. I now have two wonderful son-in-laws and five beautiful grandchildren. I worked as an LPN for over 30 years, caring for patients in hospital and private settings. I have volunteered for the Republican Party for 30 years and have been a precinct delegate for over 20 years.  I have served on the Republican state committee. I have served and I am on the executive committee for the county Republican Party. I also had an appointment by Gov. Engler to the Michigan State Board of Social Work for seven years.

Why are you running again for county commissioner and why should voters re-elect you? Being a county commissioner allows me to continue to help people and be responsive to citizens as I stand for what they want in their American values, property rights, constitutional rights and freedoms. I want to continue to stop corruption, safeguard our money, work against this issue of inflation and the increased cost of living.

What are your accomplishments as county commissioner? I have stood for people’s constitutional rights. I have also voted against increased taxation. I have also served on the Tri-County Summit, water infrastructure committee. 

What are the top 3 priority issues that Macomb County faces and what actions would you, as commissioner, take regarding each of them? The top three issues facing Macomb County are inflation, taxes and water quality. To take on the issues of inflation and taxes I will help raise awareness of current programs and resources that help people and businesses in times of need. I will also continue to vote against wasteful and unnecessary spending. We need to keep Lake St. Clair as clean as possible and we need to take steps to hold Oakland County accountable for the overabundance of CSO discharge into our waterways.

County Commissioner – 10th District (One 2-year term)

Harold L. Haugh, Democrat

Adam Shane Pelt, Republican

County Commissioner – 11th District (One 2-year term)

Donna Kaczor Caumartin, Democrat

Mai Xiong, Democrat

Macomb County Commission Candidate Mai XiongAge: 37

Current job: Small Business Owner, Mai&Co LLC

Education: BFA, College for Creative Studies

Tell us about yourself in 200 words or less: My name is Mai Xiong (pronounced: My Song) and I’m married to my best friend, Adam Kue. We are parents to four children, ages 3, 5, 7 and 10. Our three oldest attend Warren Consolidated Schools. I have over 15 years of experience in the marketing and web industries. In 2018, using my experience, I built an e-commerce store and founded the Hmong American clothing brand, Mai&Co, out of our home in Warren. My parents fled war and persecution in the aftermath of the Vietnam War in Laos. As a result, I was born in a refugee camp in Thailand in 1984. My family and I sought asylum in the U.S. and we were accepted in 1987. I was the first in my family to start preschool and have a full public school education experience. Even though my parents didn’t speak or write English very well or have a formal education, they instilled in me the importance of hard work and education. I am a current graduate student enrolled in Western Governors University, and I was awarded the 2022 Taubman Fellowship for Senior Executives in State and Local Government where I recently attended a summer program at Harvard Kennedy School.

Why are you running again for county commissioner and why should voters re-elect you? I am running for re-election to serve others and to give back to the community that has given me and my family so much. As a small business owner and a mom, I understand firsthand what our working families are going through as we face higher prices at the grocery store and at the gas pumps. I will continue to work hard to be a voice for all families in Warren. I will work to improve our county and make it an even better place to live by supporting our seniors, protecting our environment, and getting our fair share of road repair funding. I believe our community is a great place to raise a family, find a job, and grow a business. Together, we can make it even better.

What are your accomplishments as county commissioner? My role as county commissioner is to represent the residents in my district as best as I can; working to improve their quality of life, ensuring the needs of our seniors are met and finding ways to improve our roads and support public safety. I believe that I have accomplished this role, since being elected in 2020, however, I also want to acknowledge that this is a role that we must continuously work on, in order to improve our residents’ quality of life. Some of the most important decisions I’ve made have included supporting the improvement of senior services by voting to provide over 1,000 seniors access to a new grocery delivery service that quickly and safely delivered food and essentials to their homes during the pandemic. In addition, I’ve personally volunteered and supported funding for Meals on Wheels, a home delivery meal program that feed 3,000 seniors who are home bound or unable to cook for themselves. I also supported public safety by voting to ensure that our 911 dispatch services are funded and that our dispatchers and first responders have the resources they need to answer our residents’ emergency calls. In addition, I will continue to stand up for Warren to get our fair share of road funding so that we can make the long overdue improvements our roads require.

What are the top 3 priority issues that Macomb County faces and what actions would you, as commissioner, take regarding each of them?
I believe that the top three issues Macomb County residents are facing are the economy and its effect on working families; infrastructure, including roads, and taking care of our senior citizens. Everyone is feeling the effects of higher prices at the grocery store and at the gas pump. When I look at the county budget, I do so from the perspective of a mom who must raise a family on a limited income and how the decisions I make will affect our residents’ ability to put food on the table for their families. I want to ensure that the money we are spending on public services have a direct and positive impact in aiding families.

We recently passed Resolution 2022-8565 to allow voters to decide in the November election how they want to fund SMART, our public transportation system. We must work together to ensure our residents are able to get to where they need to go – whether it is to their doctor’s appointment, to work or school, efficiently and at an affordable cost. In addition, in densely populated cities like Warren, where I live and represent, our infrastructure is old and our roads are heavily used, meanwhile, our communities are not given the fair share of funding that it needs to fix this issue because too often funding for roads is distributed unfairly to rural or northern areas to pave new roadways. I would support our Department of Roads’ effort to work cooperatively with state and federal agencies to find solutions that will fix the current roads we have now, before we invest in building new ones.

Finally, we must protect those who have protected us our whole lives. My priority is keeping our senior citizens as independent as possible and in their own homes where they feel most comfortable. I will work to make sure our senior programs are adequately funded to meet the needs of our present and future senior populations.

Clifford Frost, Republican

County Commissioner – 12th District (One 2-year term)

Khaja S. Ahmed, Democrat

Andrey Duzyj, Democrat

Michelle Nard, Democrat

Terry L. Wisniewski, Democrat

Bill Clift, Republican

County Commissioner – 13th District (One 2-year term)

Courtney Flynn, Democrat

Macomb County Commission Candidate Courtney FlynnAge: 35

Current job: Communications Director, City of Oak Park; Research Assistant, Wayne State University Center for Urban Studies

Education: Bachelor’s of Science in Print Journalism from Bowling Green State University; Master’s of Public Administration from Wayne State University

Tell us about yourself in 200 words or less: I have always had an interest in local government and I fine-tuned my understanding and depth of knowledge through my career experience. For several years I was a reporter covering school board and city council meetings and I spent a number of years as a communications professional within city and county government, including five years working for the Board of Commissioners. Additionally, I earned a Master’s of Public Administration from Wayne State University. In my professional life I have long served as a local government communications specialist, during which I supported Macomb County Commissioners prior to accepting an executive role in a neighboring community, continuing my commitment to public service. Through my experience I have an in-depth understanding of how county government operates, what it takes to successfully carry out the job and how to translate the needs of residents into long-lasting policy.

Why are you running for the Board of Commissioners? I felt compelled to seek office because sincere and dedicated oversight of government is more important now than ever. It is critically important for us to become more active, to pursue seats at the table, use our voices and votes for the best interest of our residents. I want to ensure the residents of Macomb County, especially those in the new District 13, are truly represented in the policy decisions made by the County’s legislative branch. County Government should be maintaining and improving vital services to help those who need it most. This is critical at a time when families and our most vulnerable residents are struggling with the soaring costs of gas and food and I want to lend my skills to be part of the solution.

What are the top 3 priority issues that Macomb County faces and what actions would you, as commissioner, take regarding each of them? My top goals as a Macomb County Commissioner are to:

  • Ensure the Board of Commissioners provides the oversight necessary of a government entity that best serves the residents and creates a strong system of checks and balances;
  • Leverage funds, specifically federal dollars, to further invest in infrastructure, clean water, senior and veteran services and broadband access;
  • Create a level of transparency that allows residents to be engaged in and understand how County government is working to represent their needs.

To ensure these goals are met I would regularly engage with residents through various communication channels and practices, work closely with local leaders (government, business, education, nonprofit) to learn about and advocate for opportunities the best meet the needs of the county, and carry out the duties of the legislative branch as they are intended according to the Macomb County Charter.

What actions/decisions by the incumbent have you disagreed with and how would you do things differently? The current county commissioner who sits in the seat I am running for is not seeking re-election. She has long supported the communities she has been elected to serve though. She has a keen eye for detail, listens to the residents and advocates for them, and has a strong understanding of the budget process. I will bring all these qualities to the table while also advocating for the checks and balances the legislative branch is to carry out, diligently working to leverage federal and nonprofit funds to further support programs that support Macomb County residents and ensuring transparency and citizen engagement in county government.

Sarah Ann Lucido, Democrat

Current job: Eastpointe City Council Person and Mayor Pro-Tem

Education: Graduate of East Detroit High School, Michigan State University Extension Citizen Planner Program, and Greater Metropolitan Association of Realtors Training Program

Tell us about yourself in 200 words or less: I am a wife and a mother of three boys aged 12-18. My family is my greatest accomplishment. I spent the early years of their lives as a full-time mother. Once my youngest started school I ran for office and won a seat on Eastpointe’s City Council. I won reelection in 2019, and I currently serve as Eastpointe’s Mayor Pro-Tem. In my seven years on City Council I served as liaison to six different Eastpointe commissions. I currently serve as Board Vice Chair for both SEMSD (Southeast Macomb Sanitary District), and SMDA (South Macomb Disposal Authority). I understand the workings of municipal government. I believe that this background as an elected official would allow me to be an effective county commissioner right from the start. I am a 35-year resident of the district. My husband also grew up in the district. We chose to stay here to raise our three sons. This area of south Macomb County is where I live, work and play. It is my family’s home, and we will never have another.  I am 100% committed to its future.

Why are you running for the Board of Commissioners? I have spent the last seven years working for the residents of Eastpointe on the City Council. In that time, I have learned a great deal about local government. I learned about the process of listening to and representing my constituents. I learned about the legislative process. I learned about the importance of the proper allocation of funds in a budget and what a tremendous difference that can make. This is why I am running. I want to take what I have already learned and apply it in my new role as County Commissioner so that I can continue to serve the residents of my community.

What are the top 3 priority issues that Macomb County faces and what actions would you, as commissioner, take regarding each of them? My general priority is to ensure that the funds in our budget are being distributed fairly in all areas of Macomb County and to make sure that we are not allowing our residents’ hard earned tax dollars to be wasted. Fair distribution and zero waste, that is my goal. All the departments are important, and our residents need the services provided in all areas. I don’t like to think of priorities as being pitted against each other. I know residents that have loved ones in need of mental health services that can’t get them, and I know residents that experienced damage to their basement because of our drainage infrastructure. To them these are the most important funding priorities. Other residents who are concerned about crime might prefer to have law enforcement as their top budget priority, others, myself included, are very concerned about pollution in Lake St. Clair and the Clinton River. As their representative, I pledge to the residents of Macomb County to work to better understand the priorities of all the residents, and not merely to impose my own. By diligent focus on equity in distribution and cutting waste we can ensure that the maximum funds are available to address the priorities of all our residents.

What actions/decisions by the incumbent have you disagreed with and how would you do things differently? The seat on the Macomb County Commission that I am running for has been held for years by Veronica Klinefelt. She is running for State Senate and her seat is now open. I greatly admire the work that Veronica has done on the County Commission. She always did her research, listened to the residents, and stood up for what she believed in.  As your next county commissioner I hope to do the same.

Robert D. Roscoe, Democrat

Michael Babat, Republican

Randell J. Shafer, Republican

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