Ukrainian-Michiganders view on Russia’s war

A local Ukrainian-American says his coordinating committee has shipped 20 tons of medical supplies to Ukraine so far.

Demonstration against Russian invasion of Ukraine in Stokholm, February 2022.

It has now been over a month since Russia began its invasion of Ukraine. Those who have kept up with events have seen the images of death and destruction coming out of the country, as the number of people fleeing from Ukraine has hit four million.

While Russia has recently claimed it will “drastically reduce combat operations” in Kyiv and elsewhere, many Western leaders don’t believe that promise. Some say Russia is simply aiming to rebuild its troop numbers after weeks of loses.

“How many civilians are the Russians going to kill in the process of losing their war in Ukraine?” — Mykola Murskyj, Ukrainian-American Crisis Response Committee of Michigan

Listen: How Ukrainian-Americans are reacting to the news in Ukraine.



Mykola Murskyj is the chairman of the Ukrainian-American Crisis Response Committee of Michigan. He says many Ukrainians are afraid of Russia flattening the country if it feels like it will lose the war.

“How many civilians are the Russians going to kill in the process of losing their war in Ukraine? And it’s frightening because this is what the Russian military does,” says Murskyj.

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