Didn’t learn much about sex in school? Zoë Ligon fills in the gaps with “Carnal Knowledge”

Detroit-based sex educator, writer and entrepreneur Zoë Ligon joins CultureShift to talk about her book “Carnal Knowledge: Sex Education You Didn’t Get In School” and answer personal questions from WDET listeners.

Sex educator Zoë Ligon has made a name for herself as the “dildo duchess of Detroit.” There’s plenty to back up that title.

She’s an accomplished writer and journalist, releasing the book “Carnal Knowledge: Sex Education You Didn’t Get In School” in 2020. She’s featured on this month’s issue of Sexual Health Magazine. She’s an entrepreneur who owns and operates Spectrum Boutique and its media arm Spectrum Journal, exploring topics like the seductive art of Japanese bondage and how you can be an ethical consumer of sex toys.

Her success is amplified by a loyal social media following that view the 29-year-old as the millennial / Gen Z answer for advice in a society that’s looking to rewrite how society views sexuality.

We’re in a free country and yet there’s so much censorship and control over consensual sex between adults. Whether it’s the laws or things that have been criminalized, there’s a lot that goes on underneath the surface that we’re not aware of that impacts why we’re so limited from [sex] education.” — Zoë Ligon

Listen: Zoë Ligon discusses sex education and answers personal questions from callers on CultureShift.


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  • Ryan Patrick Hooper is the award-winning host and producer of CultureShift on 101.9 WDET-FM Detroit’s NPR station. As a longtime arts and culture reporter and photographer, Hooper has covered stories for NPR, Detroit Free Press, Hour Detroit, SPIN and Paste magazine.