The People’s Oracle Provides Insight Into What 2022 May Bring

Perhaps you’re searching for some insight into what this year may bring for you and the world? Astrologer Dayne Lynn Nuckolls outlines the major themes of 2022.

For many of us, the last couple of years may have felt like a constant roller coaster. From wave after wave of COVID surges to an incredibly tense political climate in the United States, it’s been, well, a lot. 

Perhaps you’re searching for some insight into what this year may bring for you and the world. 

Astrologer Dayna Lynn Nuckolls is known as ‘The People’s Oracle.’ She uses sidereal and Chinese astrology, as well as tarot and more to find the patterns that influence the world around us.

“I’m a pattern seeker,” Nuckolls explains. “I want to see the pattern in the symbols that we see in astrology and I want to correlate them to actual events. It’s not just enough to have these symbols. … When things are happening, I make correlations between these symbols.”

Nuckolls says while the pandemic is not over, there may be a bright spot on the horizon. “COVID’s not done with us,” she says. “I do think that 2022 is going to be our last year of big waves, where we’re feeling blindsided by these new variants that are emerging.”

“I think by the time we get to the end of 2023, we’re going to have some pretty effective treatments,” says Nuckolls. “I think the downside of that, though, is the amount of spread and mass disabling we’re going to see in the process of that.”

Ultimately, Nuckolls believes that resilience in the face of ongoing challenges is establishing a connection to community. “For me, doomsday prep or climate disaster prep is all about building solidarity, alliance and connection with your neighbors and community,” she says. “We need each other to survive and this COVID pandemic is teaching us that in a really awful way.”

Listen: The People’s Oracle provides her outlook for 2022.

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