The Case for Rewriting Michigan’s Constitution

Retired GOP strategist Bob LaBrant led the “no” campaign in three past efforts to authorize a state constitutional convention. But he says now it’s time for voters to say “yes.”

Michigan voters will have a chance to set in motion a major rewrite of Michigan’s constitution in 2026. That’s the next time the question will automatically appear on the statewide ballot.

“I think it’s time to now take a bolder approach.” –Bob LaBrant, retired GOP strategist 

One retired GOP strategist says, despite his opposition to past efforts to form a constitutional convention, now is the time for voters to say “yes.”

Listen: Retired GOP strategist Bob LaBrant makes the case for a state constitutional convention after the November 2026 election.


Bob LaBrant is a retired Republican strategist and former senior vice president for political affairs and general counsel for the Michigan Chamber of Commerce. He has a piece in Crain’s Detroit Business this week titled “Michigan’s constitution needs a rewrite.” It’s part of the latest Crain’s Forum on ideas for reforming our state government structure.

LaBrant helped lead campaigns against previous ballot questions that would form a state constitutional convention — in 1978, 1994 and 2010. He says he’s had a “conversion on the road to Damascus.”

“What I think has convinced me is, if we’re going to have governmental reform and if that’s the goal, attempting to accomplish it piecemeal — one constitutional amendment or one statutory initiative at a time — I think is not the way to go. I think it’s time to now take a bolder approach,” says LaBrant.

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