Solar Power Bulk Buying Program Allows Homeowners and Businesses to Cut Electricity Bills

Grow Solar Highland Park/Detroit is offering grants and discounts to Wayne County homeowners and businesses interested in signing up for solar panels before Jan. 31.

Homeowners and businesses can generate their own electricity by installing solar panels. That can greatly reduce electric bills.

“Right now, DTE is charging between 15 to 18 cents per kilowatt hour for every kilowatt hour you use in electricity. Well, if you’re producing that with your solar panels, you are not paying that money,” says Brian Donovan, the project manager for the Grow Solar initiative run locally by the nonprofit Soulardarity.

Listen: Learn about solar panel grants and discounts being offered in Wayne County through Jan. 31.

While installing solar panels has its benefits, initially costs can be expensive. Donovan says panels and installation typically cost between $10,000 and $25,000. The federal government does offer some assistance. Homeowners and business can save 26% of the total cost with an income tax rebate through 2022. That savings is slated to go down in 2023 and then away in 2024.

Now, additional assistance is being offered to homeowners and businesses interested in purchasing solar panels in Wayne County. The Grow Solar program is allowing interested parties to purchase panels as a group through Jan. 31. The more people who sign up, the cheaper costs will be, Donovan says.

“This program allows buyers to work together to create an economy of scale,” he explains. “That means that there’s rebates of … between $500 and $1,000, depending on how big an installation you did on your house.”

Donovan says people interested in learning more should sign up for a free webinar. The next one is Jan. 12.

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