Sen. Gary Peters Discusses Build Back Better, Semiconductors and the New Omicron Variant

Peters hopes to pass some form of the Build Back Better bill before Christmas.

After passing the House, it’s now up to Senate Democrats to determine the fate of President Joe Biden’s signature social spending legislation. The Build Back Better package would make some of the boldest investments in what Democrats are calling “human infrastructure,” including universal pre-K, expanded child care, health care, climate change mitigation and much more.

“Just part of the democratic process is that there’s compromise and give and take.” –U.S. Sen. Gary Peters (D-MI)

But there’s skepticism about what kind of bill can be passed. 

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U.S. Sen. Gary Peters is a Democrat from Michigan. He says the Build Back Better policy is a “major piece of legislation that will impact families in a meaningful way.” Still, Peters acknowledges changes may need to be made to the bill because the Senate maintains a diversity of views. “Just part of the democratic process is that there’s compromise and give and take,” he says. 

The need for semiconductors has been a hot topic around the country as many sectors rely on them. Peters notes that a $52 billion bill has passed the Senate to help manufacture more semiconductors, and it now awaits a vote in the House. 

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