Tribute from Judy Adams

SUBMITTED BY: Judy Adams, former WDET Program Director

I will always think of Ed Love not only as my personal mentor for jazz, but as one of Detroit’s Jazz Statesmen.   

As many of you know, I discovered jazz while listening to jazz on the radio in the early 1960s… hosted by none-other than Ed Love. 

He was playing all the great artists from that era including John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Sarah Vaughn and countless others.  

Years later, I became WDET’s assistant program director, and was responsible for it’s “non-classical programming.” We had a program opening and I immediately told our station manager about Ed and his role as one of Detroit’s jazz leader, and recommended Ed join the WDET program staff. I was thrilled to have such a well-known and respected jazz host on our airwaves, not to mention my jazz radio mentor. The Detroit audience was happy too, as we attracted many new listeners over the years who, like me, loved Ed’s Jazz program and his jazz radio knowledge.