An Inauguration Day Unlike Any Other

Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne weighs in Biden’s inauguration ceremony and listeners express what Kwame Kilpatrick’s commuted sentence means for Detroit.

The glaring differences between President Biden’s inauguration and past presidential inaugurations are on full display today. Between virtual ceremonies and unprecedented security measures, Americans look ahead to the next four years while also reflecting on the impact of the last four years of the Trump Administration.

One big thing to reflect on happened in the final hours of Trump’s term in office, when he commuted the sentence of Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. Some Detroiters believe that Kilpatrick’s commutation is a signal of healing, while others believe he should continue to be held accountable in federal prison.

Listen: National Washington Post Columnist E.J. Dionne reflects on the unique nature of 2021 Inauguration Day


Political Commentator and op-ed columnist for The Washington Post E.J. Dionne shares his perspective on this Inauguration Day, saying that “it’s hard to think of something more different than today.” With heightened security after the Capitol insurrection on January 6, he draws more similarities to political crises abroad than celebrations. “I covered the Lebanese Civil War back in the ’80s… and my wife and I were walking around the city this morning and it reminded me more of Beirut than Washington D.C.,” he says.

Although many odds are stacked against him to accomplish his political agenda, Dionne says Joe Biden “has very narrow majorities, but he has majorities in Congress and that gives him some opportunity to move forward.”

Web story written by Nora Rhein.

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