Tribute from Michael Layne

SUBMITTED BY: Michael Layne

It seems as if I spent a good part of my adult working life zipping up and down the Lodge expressway between my office, home and client meetings. Much of this was done while Ed Love was broadcasting. The beauty of Ed’s show was all of the stories he so vividly told of the musicians he knew and played their music.

One evening, I’m driving somewhere minding my own business when Ed plays a baritone sax backed by strings. I had to find out who was blowing the hell out of the beri. I called from my cell phone, got thru to Ed and he informed me I was listening to Gary Samulyan, who was influenced by Detroit’s own Pepper Adams. Needless to say, I’ve been listening to a lot of both for years now.

Over the course of the hundreds of hours of enjoying the Ed Love show, I was introduced to so many jazz greats through Ed’s knowledge, which I have enjoyed for decades now. I wish every evening of Ed’s show was online so I could repeat each and every evening.