Welcome to the New WDET.org

Our website has been redesigned to better serve our audience. Here’s what changed.

Welcome to the updated wdet.org! 

This year, we have been working to improve the online user experience for visitors to easily access information and discover stories that would help them remain connected to and informed about Detroit. We worked in collaboration with web development agency Fusionbox to apply a user-centered approach, learning what user’s want and need through a series of user surveys and interviews to inform our latest latest updates. 

What all has changed? 

An improved navigation structure on desktop and mobile.  

We’ve reorganized the navigation menu to make it easier to find the most popular web pages. You’ll notice a new player button in the top menu to make it easier to visit our streaming page on a mobile device. We’ve also increased the number of footer links to easily navigate to other important site information like our local show pages, WDET’s public file, and where to find technical support. 

WDET stories are easier to experience and share. 

We’ve updated the design features on WDET’s post pages to increase readability for visitors by simplifying post headers, underlining links, and standardizing our header designs. With share icons at the top and bottom of each post and a new and improved “Tweet This” button, WDET stories are now easier to share on Facebook, Twitter, and via email. 

Our team members are easier to find.  

Our latest updates were also designed to make it easier for visitors to learn about and get in touch with WDET staff. We’ve increased the visibility of author bylines and biographies throughout the website, and have released a new contact portal to ensure the proper team member is more quickly notified about listener questions and comments. 

What’s next? 

As Detroit’s NPR station, we strive to be a reliable media source everywhere you are, on any device you choose, and with the quality you expect and deserve. Updating our technologies and digital platforms is a continuous process that doesn’t end here. 

As we continue to make improvements to wdet.org, let us know what you think! Click here to share your thoughts and feedback with our team.



  • Courtney Hurtt

    Courtney Hurtt is the Associate Director of Product Development and Business Operations for WDET. A life-long learner with a deep interest in digital storytelling, her job is to help WDET reach new and diverse audiences in innovative ways.