One Woman’s Crusade to Bring Shower Facilities to Detroit’s Homeless Population

A Rochester woman is raising money to bring shower and bathroom facilities to St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Detroit’s Corktown neighborhood.

Courtesy of Eugenia Bajorek

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St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Corktown is home to a handful of social justice organizations including Manna Community Meal.

The church has been serving the homeless in a neighborhood that’s been changing for years.

But when church volunteer Eugenia Bajorek saw a need that wasn’t being met there, she didn’t wait for the problem to fix itself — she got involved.

With the help of donations and support from family and friends, Bajorek set out to install a bathroom facility in the historic church. 

“I get contributions from different people,” Bajorek says. “Sometimes it’s from widows who lost their husband or, you know, their fathers. It’s been a huge project. Much, much larger than the project I had envisioned. It’s going to be four showers, three washers and dryers, two bathrooms, (and) three sinks. There are still over 11,000 people that are homeless in the Detroit area so the need is still there.” 

Click on the audio player above to hear about a shower and bathroom facility in Corktown’s historic St. Peter’s Episcopal Church that’s helping the homeless. 




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