Chef Jimmy Hill’s Culinary Program at Lakeland Correctional Facility Enters Its 30th Year

Chef Jimmy Hill prepares his students to re-enter society with skills to work in the culinary world

Ann Delisi spoke with Chef Jimmy Hill about being a kid and watching his father serve up BBQ and recalling the happiness of watching people gather together to eat. He took his love of food and his expertise as a chef to the Lakeland Correctional Facility in 1989 and started changing the lives of his students through food…by teaching them how to grow it and how to prepare it as if they were working in a restaurant. His students re-enter society with the skills they need to work in some of the best restaurants around. 


  • Ann Delisi
    Ann Delisi hosts Essential Music, the Essential Conversations podcast series and the Essential Cooking broadcast and podcast. Born and raised in the Motor City, Ann is a broadcaster, interviewer, producer, music host, storyteller and proud Detroiter.