Ford Announces Reduction of Shifts, Without Eliminating Jobs

Ford Motor Company has announced shift reductions for two of its US plants.

Pat Batcheller

Ford Motor Company announced it will rebalance production at some US plants. 

Just days after General Motors announced the potential closure of five plants in North America to accommodate a shift in demand for trucks and SUV, Ford announced a similar goal. The Dearborn automaker will reallocate products but won’t eliminate any jobs with this action.  

Ford announced it will move 500 full-time employees from its Flat Rock Assembly plant to the Livonia Transmission Plant. The Flat Rock site will begin operating a single-shift next spring. Remaining workers will be offered jobs at other locations.

The company says it will do the same in Louisville, moving workers to another plant in Kentucky.

Ford reports increasing sales for SUV’s while demand for cars continues to decline.