Ford Announces Its Plans for Michigan Central Station

Ford Motor Company says Michigan Central Station will serve as an innovation hub for smart mobility.

Bre’Anna Tinsley/ WDET

Ford Motor Company announced plans Tuesday to make its new Corktown Campus a hub for innovative mobility and smart technology.

The automaker recently bought the historic Michigan Central station and the former Detroit Public Schools book depository for its Corktown campus.

“We’re reimagining mobility,” says Bill Ford, Jr., the executive chairman of Ford Motor Company. “We believe that we can be a leader in rethinking cities so that even as millions of more people start to call cities home, we can make the air cleaner, the streets less congested.”  

The train station was closed 30 years ago. Ford says it expects the new campus to be up and running in four years. 

Ford announced plans to invest in projects to create smart roads, smart parking, and smart public transit. 

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