Juveniles “Caught” in the Justice System Featured on New Podcast

WNYC podcast host Kai Wright talks about the system that ensnares so many young people.

On any given night in America, 53,000 young people are in some form of lockup. And nearly 60 percent are black, and Latino.

This is where America’s problem with over-incarceration begins, and the fallout only gets worse from there.

A new podcast from WNYC Studios called “Caught” is about youth and crime, and it features the stories of young people whose lives get changed forever by early interactions with the criminal justice system.

Here’s a preview of “Caught”…


The host of “Caught” is Kai Wright, who has written and reported on racial injustice throughout his career, both for public radio and for publications such as The Nation. Kai joins Detroit Today to talk about the podcast, and the perpetual cycle of cops, courts and jails that snares so many young people in America.

To hear Kai on Detroit Today, click on the audio player above.



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