Consumers Energy to End Coal Use by 2040, Reduce Carbon Emissions by 80 Percent

Consumers Energy has announced plans to reduce carbon emissions by 80 percent and to no longer use coal to generate energy by 2040.

Consumers Energy

Consumers Energy announced new goals today (Mon) for reducing carbon emissions by 80 percent today.

The energy company says it’s transforming itself to use cleaner fuel sources.

Spokesperson Megan Brown says Consumers Energy plans to stop using coal completely by 2040.

“We began moving away from coal by closing seven of our twelve coal-fired generating plants in 2016,” Brown says. “That was actually more than any other investor-owned utility that year. That resulted in a 38 percent carbon intensity reduction.”

Brown says the utility will continue to invest in solar and wind power, as well as energy storage, such as batteries.

She says Consumers Energy currently owns and operate two wind farms and two large solar projects in Michigan.