Hikers: Make Way for E-bikes on State Trails

New law allows motorized bikes on non-motorized state trails


Michigan’s recreation trails may be covered with snow now, but once Spring arrives the state’s non-motorized trail system will open to motorized bikes. A new law is expected to increase accessibility. Executive Director of the Michigan Trails and Greenways Alliance, Bob Wilson says allowing e-bikes on non-motorized trails is a logical step.


“Because these e-bikes are pedal assist, there’s a small motor that’s built into the bike itself, you still have to pedal but it allows you to move at a faster rate, and they’re a big assist for seniors and for those who have some physical disability who otherwise wouldn’t be able to ride on our trails” -Bob Wilson, MTGA

The new law allowing e-bikes on non-motorized trails goes into effect this week. 


  • Amy Miller

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