Gilchrist: Election Process Needs to be Transparent

Garlin Gilchrist says accounts from voters have raised questions about the integrity of last night’s election results.

Sandra Svoboda/WDET

Detroit City Clerk candidates Garlin Gilchrist says his team is looking into concerns about how votes were counted in last night’s election.

Garlin Gilchrist says some voters have complained about confusion with absentee voting receipts and applications.

Gilchrist says he launched his campaign for city clerk to make sure transparency was returned to the election process in Detroit.

“Transparency will be to trust in the process,” Gilchrist says. “I believe with more Detroit voters trusting the process we will have more Detroit voters stepping up to participate in the election. And we have some big elections next year.”

Gilchrist says he is waiting for the Wayne County Board of Canvassers to certify the results in the next couple of days before deciding if he’ll ask for a recount.

He says regardless of the outcome he believes Detroiters need to have trust in the city’s election system going forward. 

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