Trump-GOP Feuds Intensify as Pressure Builds to Advance Agenda

Political reporters Tamara Keith and Libby Casey join Detroit Today to hash out the latest news out of Washington D.C.

Courtesy of Emily Dagger/NPR

Over the weekend, President Donald Trump went to social-media war with a senior senator from his own party. In response, Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) took to Twitter to call the White House, “an adult day care.”

Meanwhile, Republican leaders are trying to work on an aggressive policy agenda. 

It includes a plan to overhaul federal taxes and a long term fix for Dreamers — children who grew up here, but crossed into the United States with their parents illegally.

Also looming: a federal budget resolution, Obamacare, gun control, the Iran Nuclear deal, and climate issues.

But how are Republican leaders supposed to approach these major legislative challenges when intra-party fights dominate the landscape, from the highest office on down?

Detroit Today host Stephen Henderson, who broadcasts live from NPR studios in Washington D.C., speaks with NPR White House Correspondent Tamara Keith, as well as Libby CaseyWashington Post on-air reporter covering politics and accountability.

“It was crickets yesterday from other Republicans,” says Casey. “You did not hear other Republicans wanting to agree with Sen. Corker. And they also didn’t seem to want to throw him under the bus… People didn’t want to jump onto that precipice with him, but he’s saying what may be in a lot of Republicans’ minds.”

“I don’t think this is the tipping point of anything, necessarily,” says Casey. “This is all part of a continuous cycle.”

Keith says she does think this could have some significant policymaking implications.

“This could be problematic for the president’s agenda,” she says. “With a narrowly divided Senate, just 52 Republicans, one senator matters a lot, especially if it’s one senator who would normally be someone who would fall in line.”

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