Do Trump’s Views on Manufacturing Jibe With Michigan CEOs?

Local manufacturing CEO talks about meeting with Trump this week.

Rick Pluta, MPRN

President Donald Trump has spent many of his first days in office meeting with small groups of leaders from various sectors throughout the country — law enforcement, auto execs, truckers.

Last week Trump met with small and medium-sized manufacturers to talk about the future of making things in America. 

Doug Magyari, CEO of IMMY — a manufacturer of virtual reality display glasses in Troy — was one of the CEOs who met with Trump. Magyari joins Stephen Henderson on Detroit Today to talk about what he discussed with Trump during the meeting. 

The meeting was put on by the National Association of Manufacturers. Magyari says at the meeting he found a great deal of optimism in how the Trump Administration supports small and medium-sized manufacturing companies. 

“Meeting him in person, I was really impressed with the absolute realism and sincerity … that Michigan in fact does get more jobs and build up its manufacturing base,” Magyari says. “It’s not rhetoric.”

He encourages other companies to reach out to Trump and invite him to their facility, as he has. He says Trump likes to visit these facilities. 

Two of the major issues that affect IMMY, and Magyari discussed at the meeting, are healthcare and tax code.

Click on the audio player above to hear the full conversation. 


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