Making Thanksgiving Great Again

“Experts” talk about embracing the chaos this holiday season.

Detroit Today recently had a serious discussion about how families torn apart by political differences can come together during the holidays. But sometimes it’s more interesting to simply embrace the chaos, and approach your family as the circus act it truly is.

Host Stephen Henderson speaks with Max Temkin, co-founder of the not-safe-for-work card game Cards Against Humanity, and WDET’s Candice Fortman about how to keep your family gatherings light this holiday season.

“I think you start by not doing what I’m doing,” says Fortman, “and that’s going and doing your grocery shopping today.”

Temkin says he wouldn’t recommend his own game for most families, especially ones with small kids. But he says games, in general, are a great way to bring the family together.

“Playing table top games, playing analogue games, it really is a pretty special experience,” says Temkin. “It gets people off of their phones. It puts people to work, kind of solving problems together and talking together. And whatever the political disagreements or family tensions are, it really is this special moment where people can set aside all of the rules of everyday life and agree to the rules of this game as sort of a fun thing in common.”

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