You Can Vote Without Photo ID

Voter’s without acceptable photo ID won’t be turned away from the polls.


Michigan voters won’t be turned away from the polls for failing to have photo identification in Michigan.

Since 2008, the state has allowed voters who don’t have acceptable photo ID, or left it at home, to still vote by signing an affidavit.

Michigan Secretary of State Spokesperson Fred Woodhams says the state has had millions of votes cast under the system.

“Precinct workers should be educated about the affidavit, and certainly local clerk offices should as well,” Woodhams says. “Certainly we have successfully used this system in 2008 in the presidential cycle there, 2012, and then the gubernatorial cycles in between.”

Woodhams says anyone turned away because of lack of photo ID should contact the precinct chair, their local clerk’s office, or the Bureau of Elections.