The End of the World’s Largest Stove

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Michigan State Fair

You might recognize this massive stove. Maybe you grew up going to the Michigan State Fair or took your kids there. Or maybe you drove down Jefferson on your way to Belle Isle back in the day.

The World’s Largest Stove has a long history, with many homes. But after over a century of life, this attraction came to an unfortunate end just five years ago.

Explore the life and death of the World’s Largest Stove by clicking through the timeline below. And be sure to listen to this latest episode of the Beginning of the End by either clicking on the player above or downloading it on your podcast app.


Laura Herberg

When the stove was over 70 years old, a team of movers from Don Cartage Moving Co. spent 9 hours moving it to the Michigan State Fair Grounds. 

Royce Richards was the company’s president and his wife Kathy worked along side him. They remember the move and the giant spectacle it created as the 25-foot-wide, 15-ton mammoth Garland lumbered around street corners to its destination. 

They shared the photos below with us.



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