City of Warren Fights Scammers Targeting Seniors

The City of Warren is leading a new task force to combat crimes targeting senior citizens.

The City of Warren is forming a police task force to fight scammers targeting senior citizens.

Investigators are looking specifically at con-artists posing as utility workers offering home repair and other services to elderly residents.

Mayor Jim Fouts says the scammers commonly come around during the late spring and early summer months.

“They knock on people’s doors and they tell them you need some necessary home repairs or we’re from a utility company. I don’t want to see that happen anymore. It’s outrageous. These people are predators. And they take advantage of our most trusting people in their very senior years,” Fouts says. 

Fouts says no utility company will knock on doors and offer unsolicited services.

He advises elderly residents to call the police if anyone claiming to be a utility worker attempts to collect money from them.