State Lawmakers Have A Lot on Their Plate as They Return to Lansing

Lawmakers face big proposals as they return from Spring vacation.

State lawmakers return to Lansing this week after a two-week break.

They have some very weighty issues to tackle between now and June, when they take a couple months off for the summer. That includes averting a financial collapse for the state’s largest school district, addressing the lead poisoning crisis in Flint, and passing a balanced state budget.

Detroit Today host Stephen Henderson spoke with Rick Pluta, state Capitol bureau chief for the Michigan Public Radio Network, about what we can expect from lawmakers in the coming weeks.

Pluta talked about how a recent Detroit Public Schools kickback scandal is factoring in to the legislative debate over a $700 million state bailout for the district.

“That’s raising the skepticism meter here in Lansing,” said Pluta.

On many lawmakers’ insistence that the full-time Legislature doesn’t take breaks, but rather “in-district work periods,” he quipped, “We’ll see who got a tan and who stayed here to work.”

To hear more of Pluta’s conversation about legislative priorities, click on the audio link above.